Our Sustainability Efforts

The purpose of PBP model is to help you save energy up to 50% by upgrading fluorescent of old buildings into energy-saving LEDs and pair it with our smart automation, building owners can experience up to 80% energy saved in the span of 3-5 years.


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To learn more about our Performance Based Payment model, contact our Business Development Managers: 


Ernest Lee at ernest@ottosolutions.sg 

JC Heng at jcheng@ottosolutions.sg 

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Here’s what you can expect to gain:



With our flexible payment methods, you can be part of our ever-expanding list of clients who share our vision of a sustainable future.

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One of our sustainable solutions starts with replacing old fluorescent lighting with cost-effective LEDs. Cost is derived from the amount of energy saved, which means clients can embark on this solution without any upfront capital needed.

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We believe our impact on the world always starts from within. We encourage diversity, equity and connection to provide appraisal good quality of life for everyone.

We minimise our carbon footprint by internally cutting down energy wastage, as well as providing energy-saving solutions.

We aim to arm businesses with the tools for long-term economic growth. With our flexible payment models, we enable them to share our vision of the future.

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Listed in Singapore, Nera(SGX:N01) is a premium IT infrastructure provider. 


Since Q4 2019, They have adopted our lighting as a service In their efforts to increase energy efficiency of their current building which have been fluorescent lighting which have caused an over consumption of energy and cost 

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Cathay Cineplex is a cinema operated by MM2 Asia


Since Q2 2019, in efforts to reduce operating costs, MM2 asia have adopted Lighting as a service at their Cineleisure Cathay and Downtown east cinemas outlets which was still using Fluorescent lighting