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Introduction H-Fog: A new way of Sanitisation

Air is a critical requirement for survival, so what about when the air produces infectious pathogens? The principle of air sanitation basically makes pathogens such as viruses, fungi and bacteria, harmless. This can be done in a number of ways, including ultraviolet germicide illumination, ozone oxidation, or chemical washing, such as chlorine. When determining the right way to sanitize the air in space, it is important to realize the efficacy and risks of the system used.

H.fog is a brand new way of automated sanitization which has 4 main benefits for users; automated, fast, cost effective, and certified by international labs. To put it into a detailed perspective; due to its automated nature, H.fog requires no personnel to man the device during the fogging process, ergo, will reduce the manpower costs significantly compared to a manual sanitization method. Another unique feature of H.fog is its fast sanitization period. How fast you may ask? 12 seconds per 20 square meter, and has a 99.9% kill rate for viruses and bacterias.

H-Fog is an Innovative BoT (Blockchain Of Things) device which has been designed to execute Automated Sanitization treatments on a regular basis to create secure working environments for employees. users, guests or patients. It works on the principle of High Temperature and High Pressure Vaporization of a Certified Sanitization Liquid, to guarantee the quick treatment of 100% of the surface per 150sqm.

What is a Blockchain you might wonder?

To put in a simple analogy, a blockchain is similar to Google Docs. When we make a document and exchange it with a group of individuals, the document is transmitted instead of being copied or moved. This provides a decentralized delivery chain that enables everybody to read the paper at the same time. No one is shut out waiting for updates from another side, while all changes to the contract are documented in real-time, making the changes fully clear. Of course, an actual blockchain is much more complex than that ofGoogle Docs but it is the general idea. Blockchain applied in H Fog to ensure a traceable, secure sanitisation process which is an important assurance for the end customer.

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