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Smart Exit Lights: A Safe and Smart Workplace for Tomorrow

In today's office, there is an underlying and often overlooked problem regarding emergency lights (exit lights). These lights have minimum integration, very cost ineffective, and have to be constantly maintained in order to ensure it is still running. With all these factors combined, it is no wonder that emergency lights are often overlooked and under maintained, even though it plays a critical role in building and employee safety. While safety is of the utmost importance for building owners, there are several hurdles that stand in the way of proper exit light management.

Here at Otto Solutions, we see the issues with these emergency lights and have come up with a smart solution to counteract the problems. By recognizing and addressing the most common issues facing building owners in terms of emergency light management, we have simplified regulation for the building owner, allowing the previously challenging job to be conveniently handled, retained and obtained. Our smart exit lights include a Dali/BLE integration, it is cost effective for building owners, and most importantly it has an automatic maintenance system, which would eliminate the hassle of checking the exit lights one by one.

The benefits of these smart emergency lights that are offered can be broken down into three parts, but the major benefit for building owners is the cutting down on cost in terms of installations and maintenance. The first being flexibility, due to these lights being a wireless system, it reduces additional costs that occur for wiring. Secondly, these smart emergency lights are self-charging, making them ever-ready for any emergency situations. Lastly, automatic fault reporting; when a light breaks down, the system will report this and building owners will instantly get notification regarding this.

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