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Your Efficient Lighting Solutions with Sense and Control & Automation



  • The combination of high-efficiency LED lights with integrated sensors and controller devices is the ideal solution to make your building energy efficient


  • Simple to install Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh network, flexible for future changes without any cabling


  • With a range of dedicated wireless devices like various types of sensors, dimmers, relays, switches


  • Automation can function stand-alone or be connected to other systems, for example, to apply aircon control and energy savings.





















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  • What is LumiSense?
    Lumisense is a lighting solution for maximum energy saving. It combines high efficacy lamps and integrated sensor controllers. The control is via a wireless Bluetooth mesh network. Sensors capture people presence and lux light levels.
  • What types of lighting do you have?
    For the range of products for specific application areas, please refer to our Catalogue. :
  • Why should we chose your brand vs. other smart lighting solutions provider?
    Lumisense offers up to date energy saving features, is easy to install and cost effective. Furthermore Lumisense can be expanded to include Aircon control and connect to other building systems.
  • Do you supply light fitting and lighting control system?
    Yes, we supply lighting plus control system, and if required also the installation works
  • What types of project you Supply lighting and electrical works?
    We do commercial projects, Interior office projects and warehouse lightings, and more
  • How does your solution help businesses become more environmentally sustainable?
    By reducing energy wastage: We prevent light and cooling when and where these are not required. Excessive cooling to very low temperatures is prevented by eliminating manual control of the temperature setpoints.
  • What does OTTO Solutions do?
    Otto Solutions is a certified electrical installer, provides lighting, lighting control, and solutions for energy efficiency in buildings invluding Aircon control. Our services include Electrical Installations, Lighting and Lighting Control Installations, Data reading to display occupancy and energy consumption trends. We also provide interfacing with BMS systems, when required.
  • How does smart lighting solution work?
    Sensors detect people presence and daylight lux levels and adjust the lighting accordingly to provide best energy saving with a comfortable work environment. Basically we deliver 'lighting on demand', meaning no light where it is not required. For technical details, we are happy to setup a presentation.
  • What kind of energy savings can your customers expect with your products?
    This depends on the analysis of the current situation and will be analysed and studied to optimise the savings while maintaining the comfort. Lumisense focusses on lighting systems, but can be expanded with Aircon control.
  • How does your solution help businesses become more environmentally sustainable?
    By reducing energy wastage : we prevent light and cooling when and where these are not required. Excessive cooling to very low temperatures is prevented by eliminating manual control of the Temperature setpoints
  • Do you have Lighting automation or AI based services?
    We provide lighting automation (light control) and we can extend lighting control with Aircon control. The control algorithms may include AI learning logic.
  • How easy is it to install and maintain your products?
    As the sensors can be integrated with the light fixture and the control network does not require wiring, it is very simple to install. Basically as simple as installing a lamp fixture
  • Can your solution integrate with existing building automation systems?
    Yes, it can integrate with Modbus and Bacnet protocol
  • Can your solution provide real-time data and analytics for better decision-making?
    Yes, and indeed this allows for finetuning of the control logic to optimise the energy saving.
  • Is it compatible to my existing smart lighting solutions or other brand
    This needs evaluated on a case by case basis. We can apply Lumisense and control to existing light installations provided there are 0-10V dimming lights.
  • Why use dimming controls? Does dimming save energy?
    Yes, by delivering light on demand based on people presence and daylight levels. By dimming the energy consumption is reduced as it save power energy and can have adjustable lux percent as you want.
  • What is the return on investment (ROI) for a smart lighting system, and how is it calculated for my specific project?
    This needs to be done per project and Otto assists with the analysis. As a baseline we determine the current energy consumption and the possible target energy saving after replacing with high efficiency sensor lights. This we compare against the project investment plus any additional benefits.
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