Smart homes have been increasingly brought into the spotlight, with more and more homeowners realising the benefits that smart homes can bring into their daily lives. While simple home automation has been around for years, technology has caught up with the idea of an interconnected world at your fingertips, as part of the focus on IoT (Internet of Things) in recent years.


OTTO Smart’s goal is to make the dream of owning a smart home into reality, by understanding and addressing homeowners’ requirements and providing a smarter and happier way to live.

3-Tier Approach


Security and peace of mind are at the forefront of our Smart Home approach. Utilising IP cameras, smart door locks, and motion sensors, you can step out of the house knowing it is well-protected.


Convenience at home is a major benefit for many working adults and parents. Bringing in WiFi remote control, smart lighting and climate control, be the master of your own home.


Creating a holistic smart solution for your home is the ultimate goal. With a fully smart home, integrated appliances and smart lifestyle products, you can be a part of future living today.

Smart Product Suggestions

Trying to start adopting a smart home can be daunting to many homeowners, with each household requiring a unique approach. However, we have some suggestions on where to get started, based on our 3-tier approach.




WiFi to Universal Infrared Controller:

- Air Conditioning

- Television

- Media Players

- Smart Speakers

- Smart Home Assistant (Google Home, Alexa, etc.)

- Smart Temperature Sensor

- Smart IP Camera

- - Smart Door Lock

- Smart Alarm

- Smoke Detector

- Wireless Gateway

- Smart Vacuum Cleaner

- - Smart Lighting Control

- Smart Electrical Sockets

- Smart Body Scale

- Water leakage Sensors

Smart Home, Visualised

There are virtually unlimited areas of smart integration in a typical home, from air conditioning to vacuum cleaners. Our visualisation of a fully smart home would be something like this:

Contact us to learn more about our expertise in Smart Home solutions or for enquires for projects/quotations.

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