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A quick Google search and you’ll find that the lighting industry is projected to grow in billions by 2020. It’s unstoppable! Be it design aesthetics or technology advancements, lighting is redeveloped each year to achieve better energy efficiency, safety, functionality — and beauty.

Lucky for you, we have been doing lighting for over 25 years now and we know what’s going to be hot in 2018. Here are the top 3 light trends in 2018.


Make no mistake, the retro-industrial light trend is not about bringing out your vintage pieces. The new trend is all about modern retro and polished industrial feel— a modern nostalgia. We are seeing metals that are sculpted in sleek and sexy shapes. They also come in richer colour tones and a variety of finishes. How to use it: Modern retro-industrial lighting effortlessly adds character to any space. We see this lighting used in the dining room and kitchen workspaces. Three or more pendant lights in this style are oh-so-perfect. There are wall lamps and table lamps that make a great home centerpiece.


Brushed metals in soft matte finishes are going to be all the rage. We are not surprised light designers and tastemakers chose this trend because they are a perfect contrast to warm lighting. How to use it: Soft metals can easily be used in your spaces, especially when you have a neutrally-painted room. They are beautiful sparks of colours that instantly attract attention. We can see this colour used in the living room, whether on the ceiling, floor or table. Having pops of brushed metals are definitely a conversation starter! They are pretty to look at.

3. MODERN MINIMALISM Gone are the days of over-the-top lighting. Everyone is going for cleaner lines, less clutter, and sleek modernism —it’s the new luxury! Case in point: Ornate chandeliers are made simpler and sexier; we see halo shapes and futuristic geometric shapes.

How to use it: This modern minimalist trend works everywhere at home—even in the office! This uncomplicated design aesthetic is a welcomed element in a usually busy room. You can use this trend in your bedroom, study room, and living room. It is the best statement piece. Do not clutter and overcrowd the space together with other fixtures. Let this accent piece standout.

Which of these are you adding to your homes? Whichever you choose, one thing’s for sure: the future is looking bright!

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