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Sure you’ve got the most expensive imported furniture, but how’s your home lighting? Did you know that lighting can make or break your home aesthetics? It is one of the most important design elements yet most homeowners settle this thing last. According to surveys, only 33% of homeowners plan their lighting first. But why?

Here’s what good lighting can do:

​1. It can enhance space – Lighting can be used to manipulate space in many ways. It can create an illusion. You can use dim focus lights to highlight a particular corner or you can brighten the whole room to show its depth. Clever lighting can improve the proportions of a room like that. When done right, lighting can link areas together or define zones in an open-plan space.​​

2. It is a decorative element – Can you imagine hotel lobbies without lights? Neither can we. One major factor that brings grandiose to spaces like hotel lobbies are the lights. Whether it’s the massive chandelier or elaborate lamps, you can’t deny the compelling power of beautiful lighting. The way the light hits a surface can create different effects and change the way we see that space. Depending on the result you wish to achieve, light can be used to enhance the surface by highlighting its colour or texture. It can create patterns on it by reflection or refraction. It can even project colour. ​​

3. It adds drama and sets the mood – Light allows us create visual impact within a room. Understanding how to manipulate lights can essentially define and/or alter your mood. It creates atmosphere and ambience. Can you picture yourself in romantic date under bright office lights? The horror! The intelligent contrast between light and shadow can evoke a sense of drama to any space.

To new homeowners, sort out your lights first. It doesn’t complete the look, it builds the look of your home theme. You can write in to us at if you have any questions about lighting and we will be glad to assist you from there.

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