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Towards a Greener Singapore: Green Building Construction and Its Importance

Earth, a place we collectively call our home planet, serves to protect the human race from the cold voids of space and offers an environment whereby life can prosper with the resources available. Unfortunately, our home is currently facing a critical problem as it is reaching a threshold due to the ever-rising climate change. The main cause for this problem is none other than humans themselves. Our daily activities and the appliance that we use contributes to the increase of carbon emissions which is intensifying climate change.

What can we do to help with this issue? Moving forward, building owners and homeowners alike should consider the possibility of looking into the construction of green buildings.

For starters, green buildings are not actually buildings that are painted green. A green building construction is the practice in which the constructing of buildings and structures use processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. The entire life-cycle of a green building is expected to be resource-efficient and environmentally responsible from the design to construction, operation to maintenance, from renovation to deconstruction, and everything in between.

The importance of green building construction brings forth a multitude of benefits towards the environment, economy, and humans alike. A modern sustainable design such as this will greatly assist in achieving a wide range of global goals such as economic progress, addressing climate change, and building sustainable-thriving communities. Additionally this design will also help in reducing the overall impact of the constructed structure on the environment and human health through the efficient use of natural resources, water, and sources of energy. More importantly, green buildings will greatly help its occupants wellness, by boosting a much healthier atmosphere within the building and improving the water quality.

As Singapore has plans to become a green nation by the year of 2030, having the practice of green building construction will become an essential to every building owner and homeowners alike.



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