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The Benefits of Daylight Harvesting Implementation

The Benefits of Daylight Harvesting Implementation

Daylight Harvesting is an effective way to boost the comfort of the occupant while saving resources. For example, with an advanced lighting solution, it will be possible for offices and commercial buildings to take advantage of natural daylight, because the device dims or switches off lights in areas where natural light is adequate to make sure the predetermined lux level is preserved to optimize comfort and energy savings.

What is Daylight Harvesting?

Daylight harvesting is how new green buildings are designed to collect and, when available, use natural daylight indoor buildings to reduce the need for artificial lighting that consumes energy. All buildings, of course, have windows that provide daylight nearby, but green buildings are designed to maximize the light and to spread it more effectively into the building. 

Older buildings do have electricity lighting systems that are activated every time the building is occupied – day or night; but buildings that use the harvesting of the daylight have automatic lighting control systems which measure and adjust natural light in each of the spaces to ensure the correct level of lighting. Depending on the time of the day – day or night, position of the sun – and the weather, the need for electric lighting will change. To put it simply, daylight harvesting works on the premise that facilities can optimally utilize natural light where available and cut down on the use of artificial light during daylight hours.

Benefits of Implementing Daylight Harvesting

There are quite a number of benefits in implementing daylight harvesting into offices and commercial, but it can be summarised into 3 key points:

  • Energy Saving - You are probably still searching for cost-effective ways to reduce your energy budget and reduce your energy bills as a facility manager. Daylight Harvesting is one way to ensure long-term energy savings and quick returns! The more you use natural light, the more you save!

  • Employee Health & Wellbeing - Daylight harvesting ensures that the correct light that is considered suitable for the occupant is provided to your office room. Even lux measurements by using sensors to ensure neither too dark or too bright luminosity. Daylight is much more fun and enjoyable than artificial lighting.

  • Sustainability - Daylight harvests will reduce the carbon footprint dramatically. Today most businesses have their sustainability targets and through energy savings and reduced carbon footprint, this approach will impact the environment. Saving energy would mean lower air pollution in India , especially where coal is still the main source of electricity, due to coal burning and natural non-renewable resource conservation.

Daylight harvesting is an important consideration for modern green building nowadays, as they reduce energy consumption by a fair amount. A 2013 newsletter stated that the Singapore Green Building Council had initiated a number of programs and collaborations to halve Singapore's use of electricity for lighting, increase the variety of green building items and approve services for industry. The reason being, was due to the fact that lighting consumes about 15-20 percent of a building’s energy consumption. However, by implementing a sustainable lighting solution, this can be reduced to about half (Reyes,E, 2013).


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